Cheese Strain


Cheese Strain

Cheese Strain is an exemplary indica-predominant strain that has gotten well known because of its uncommon fragrant qualities. Named the “stinky socks” of strains, this plant has acquired a reputation for being a strong relaxant and a solid high-yielding strain to cultivators. It is known for being an intense state of mind lift that can leave you in lines over something you can’t recollect.

This famously stinky strain is eminent for its interesting harsh messy smell. Cheese Strain was purportedly made in the 1980s, the point at which a Skunk #1 aggregate was converged with Afghani indica hereditary qualities, bringing about quite possibly the most impactful strains accessible today.

Cheese Strain is a notable half and half that is interestingly seasoned and is well known for being a smooth indica-predominant relax strain. This plant gloats of better than expected THC levels and an oddly charming musky flavor, that is both captivating and tempting.


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