Golden Goat Strain


Golden Goat Strain

Golden Goat Strain is an exceptionally pretty flower that boasts of a very recognizable lime-green flower with long red hairs that is coated in trichomes. This Kansas-native sativa is a great social smoke that is perfect for a night out with friends, socializing and chatting the night away.

This golden strain may have originated in Kansas, but it is in Colorado where Golden Goat is considered one of the finest and most popular strains available. This uber-sativa is all about its infamous sativa high that can give even the most lethargic of users, an uplifting and energizing boost.

Golden Goat Strain was created by crossing a Hawaiian-Romulan with Island Sweet Skunk, entering the cannabis scene in 2012. Become an instant sensation, this strain now has maintained its popularity all over the west coast market, where it is regularly stocked due to its high demand. This sativa-dominant strain is very potent and can often have a THC level of up to 23%.

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