Kosher Kush Strain


Kosher Kush Strain

Kosher Kush Strain is a weighty hitting Indica that is effective and powerful. This excellent strain has gained notoriety for being a strong smoke, mending numerous minor and persistent afflictions, and giving you a completely charming lifted mindset that will permit you to sink into the closest love seat while smothering the snickers.

Kosher Kush Strain is a powerful unadulterated Indica that hails from the bright shorelines of California where it was reared into flawlessness by DNA Genetics. Its precise legacy is obscure, however, this renowned Indica has sacked numerous huge honors, most eminently best Indica at the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup.

In spite of the fact that its careful heredity isn’t known, it is accepted that Kosher Kush strain is an indica cross with roots coming from the first-class strain OG Kush Its exceptionally calming impacts makes this strain a top choice among light sleepers, as it is compelling in helping you into an evening of serene rest while setting off a happy mind-set and subsequently a few attacks of giggling to sweeten the deal even further.

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