Orange Kush Strain


Orange Kush Strain

Orange Kush Strain  is a powerful, euphoric smoke that maintains its reputation for being a cure-all in the medical cannabis field. This hybrid reeks very prominently of fresh oranges, and is instantly invigorating and stimulating. It has a pretty high THC factor, and is easily one of the stronger strains available on the market today.

This strain was created by Green Devil Genetics, a fusion of legendary strain OG Kush and ever-fragrant orange bud, creating a strain that can be described as “almost narcotic”. Orange Kush is a happiness-inducing hybrid that will make you park yourself in front of your fridge with every intention to clear it out as a case of the munchies kicks in hard.

Orange Kush Strain is a great choice for when you have absolutely nothing planned, as it will make you slow and steady while grinning from ear to ear. This strain is also perfect to be used as a medical strain, as it has many healing benefits, soothing many ailments such as PTSD, ADD and other mental health conditions.

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