Purple OG Kush


Purple OG Kush is a tasty and fragrant strain that is all about total and utter relaxation. This hybrid can be a little harder to cultivate, but is generous in its yield, allowing more experienced growers to truly benefit from having the patience to cultivate this particular strain.

Purple OG Kush is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing full-bodied parents of OG Kush with Purple Kush This hybrid is a slightly cerebral psychoactive at is renowned for its colorful high, making it enjoyable for recreational and medical application.

This indica dominant hybrid is popular for its smooth sensations that stop shortly before becoming overwhelming to occasional users. Purple OG Kush is a great choice for an afternoon strain, as it can knock the wind out of you a little, and allow you to kick back and leave behind whatever might be troubling you.

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