Rockstar Kush Strain


Firstly, this strain will rock you to your very core. Born from Rockbud and Sensi Star indica strains, Rockstar is a hard-hitting indica dominant strain that has a powerful yet manageable high. With notes of pine and a spicy earthiness, you get a sense of how powerful Rockstar is before your first puff.

Again, there are two reasons why people use cannabis. One is for recreational purpose, another is for medical purpose Either way, the intention is simple and that is to feel good, both mentally and physically.

So, let us take a look at the star of all stars, the rock star of the cannabis world, here is RockStar. Again,  just so it is clear, this is not the same strain as RockStar OG, and don’t be confused by BC RockStar (otherwise known as RockStar Kush), which happens to have our own RockStar as a parent.

Thus what can RockStar do for you? It takes away those awful pains you feel from your body and helps you relax, feel uplifted, and if you have trouble sleeping or eating, this cannabis strain is your salvation.

Also, the breeder of this strain is Bonguru Beans. To create the rock band for the ages, they used a strain from Soma A called Rockbud and crossed it with Paradise Seeds’ Sensi Star. Hence, RockStar has a pedigree when it comes to its lineage. In fact, it has placed as high as second place in past editions of the Cannabis Cup, which is no small feat when you consider that there are hundreds of other competing strains.

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