Sour Headband Strain


headband seedsSour Headband Strain is one of the most distinct strains in the industry. It distinguishes itself by the light pressure it induces in the lower temples, mimicking the sensation one feels when wearing a headband. Next, it scrunches up the forehead with its tangy taste of lemon. To enhance its medicinal effects, the breeders added Sour Diesel. It has a long-lasting buzz of energy that reduces stress. However, it also intensified its sourness and THC levels.

Sour Headband Strain boasts THC levels between 17% to 25%, making it an impressively potent strain. It induces the same initial pressure around the temples at the onset. It clears the mind and brings back uplifting thoughts. Eventually, it travels toward the rest of the body in a wave of relaxation. However, it can also be used beyond recreation as a medicinal aid.

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