Quick, name two things that you love putting in your mouth. Okay, wait. Name one thing you love putting in your mouth, and one thing you’d only love putting in your mouth if it was made out of the first thing. Let me guess: your answers were Sour Patch Kids and penises, respectively, right? Well, then, you’re in luck, because with these Sour Pecker Patch Gummies, you can get the best of both worlds.

The Sour Pecker Patch Gummies taste so good, I’m actually eating some right now. They’re soft, they’re sour, they’re thick and soft … they might be my new favorite candy. Let me tell you, penis candy usually doesn’t taste all that delicious. It’s normally a little stale, and made of maybe not the finest ingredients. They usually favor novelty and appearance over taste when making penis candy. But the Sour Pecker Patch Gummies are delicious. They’re even better than the Sour Kids they’re named after, in my opinion.

The Sour Pecker Patch Gummies come in a package of about 13 pieces. You’ll probably want to get multiple packages if you want everyone at the party to be satisfied. You can pour them into a dish or pass them around at the bachelorette party. I guarantee everyone will love the flavor. It just might become their new favorite candies, too.

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