Sweet Tooth Strain


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16%

Sweet Tooth is a popular marijuana strain that won the High Times Cannabis Cup held in 2001. It is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa varieties and produces a prominent Sativa high. The plant produces a good yield and has long, deep green-colored leaves. The strain has rust and green-colored appearance that looks quite pleasant. It has a THC level of 16.45 percent. Its ancestors include Nepalese Indica, Afghani Indica, and Hawaiian Sativa.

It has an amazingly impressive and lovely taste blend of hearty, sweet, and fancy flavors. It has a flawless smell that is very woody and colorful. This isn’t the best strain ever, yet it positively has a highly dependable pleasurable impact. Its noticeable impact on your framework is euphoric. Moreover, it has an elevating and empowering effects on your nerves. You start feeling cheerful and loose in the wake of smoking Sweet Tooth. It likewise causes you to feel lethargic and inventive simultaneously. Sweet Tooth is phenomenal for treating pressure, nervousness and despair. It quiets down your nerves, giving you alleviation from these difficulties. Additionally, it can likewise be utilized for alleviating different gentle and ongoing torments. A few groups again use it for relieving a sleeping disorder and loss of craving. Its incidental effects incorporate dry eyes and dry mouth.


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