White Rhino strain


White Rhino Strain

White Rhino Strain is a high-yielding, better than expected unadulterated indica. Its parentage comes from the all-around regarded areas in Afghanistan, India, and Brazil. This indica half and half is a shocker in all detects taking the very most desirable characteristics from its parent strains and making it her own.

This unadulterated indica is the offspring of a crossover hotshot white window and a North American indica. White Rhino was reproduced by Green House Seeds, and with this strain, they have really made a first-class plant.

White Rhino Strain is a producer’s fantasy, yielding a path better than expected of astonishing quality bud. Pure breed, this strain is high in its THC content and is thusly a broadly mainstream clinical strain for sure. This alleviating seed can carry unwinding to even the most worried people, as is cherished for simply that.

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