AK-47 Killer Bongs


AK-47 Killer Bongs

This bad ass bong has an ice twist to stack up the ice cubes for a cool, smooth hit. It also comes with an additional ashcatcher chamber to further reduce the harmful tars and toxins in smoke.

‘In this climate of war you need a killer you can rely on. The AK47 – the Official Peace Keeping Bong.’

Brand: Killer Bongs Height: 491mm   Joint: Female Material: Acrylic Mouthpiece: Straight


Killer Bongs

Killer Bongs are renown for producing some of the finest water pipes on the market. Whether you’re looking for your first bong or looking to add to your collection Killer Bongs are perfect!

Straight Bong Shape

Though this piece is distinctive and unique it have the classic shape of a cylinder bong, this offers a clean and easy hit. There’s a reason that the cylinder bong is around so long!

Ice Twist

The ice twist in the neck of the bong allows you to drop in ice cubes where they’ll be hold fast. When you take a hit your smoke will have to flow across the ice. Thus causing it to be cool for an arctic hit!

Ash Catcher

The integrate ash catcher in this piece will keep pollutants and ash out of your bong ensuring that you get a smooth and tasty hit free from any nasty after-tastes.

Interchangeable parts

Standard interchangeable parts such as the bowl & downpipe, base and grommets are easily replace in our Spare Parts section.


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