Smoked Bubbler


Smoked Bubbler Bong

Weed Bubbler by Marley Natural, this is a unique piece of equipment to have and if you don’t I recommend you grab one, not only does it look sleek with the glass, it is also as light as a feather, it’s so easy to use and cleaning it is as easy.

  • Wide bowl
  • Tough glass
  • Gift boxed


How to use the Bubbler

The way I would use the Smoked Bubbler would be to fill the bubbler with water, then I would grind up your dry herbs and place the grinded herbs into the dish, then get your lighter or matches whichever one you use, light the bowl with your dry herbs and simply inhale.

Cleaning the Bubbler

Cleaning the Smoked Bubbler is pretty simple, you will need a few things to clean the bubbler, Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Clean water and Q Tips. Then you will have to mix the isopropyl alcohol and water in a jar, you will need to dip the Q tips into the solution and rub around the bowl, give it a good clean. Then use a paper towel to dry it off, then get another Q tip and do the same with the mouthpiece, then with the left over solution pure it into the bubbler and give it a good swirl. And rinse it out with clean water.


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