Tom Ford strain

(16 customer reviews)


  • Relaxation100%
  • Happiness90%
  • Euphoria90%
  • Sleepiness85%
  • Hunger70%
  • Stress95%
  • Pain90%
  • Insomnia85%
  • Depression70%
  • Lack of Appetite65%
  • Dry Mouth60%
  • Dry Eyes55%
  • Dizziness15%
  • Paranoia5%
  • Anxiety5%


Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 23% – 25%

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1P, Hp, joint, OZ, Qp

16 reviews for Tom Ford strain

  1. Richard Anastacio

    “By far my favorite website to buy.Thier products taste amazing.
    Flowers don’t disappoint. Did not yield well with squish, although still tasted amazing.
    Definitely will continue to buy.”
    I love 420dankzone

  2. Smith

    love the FORD

  3. Angie

    quality was good and fresh

  4. Aleue

    I’m in love with 420dankzone thanks

  5. Anderson

    Very good!!! Energetic yet has the pain relieving effect

  6. IvyQ12

    I have trouble sleeping and this stuff relaxes me and puts me right out plus it has an amazing taste!!
    Thanks 420dankzone

  7. Marie Dwyer

    It is an awesome strain for controlling mood disorders. It really does works!

  8. David Harms

    Love all my orders just wish they all came with tracking number regardless of the shipping method used

  9. Denise

    love it here

  10. Julie Hannon

    Great – will buy again!! Arrived on time and as described!”

  11. Nerois

    Great Service, Great Product

  12. Aleue

    Highly recommend to people to buy real marijuana!

  13. Nikki

    I finally got my TOM FORD several days ago.I LOVE 420DANKZONE

  14. Ennuel

    Excellent support and course material

  15. Kyle Tanton

    420dankzone is Very honest and quick delivery. Will use again undoubtedly. Thanks for your delivery

  16. Cairs

    Trusted ❤️❤️❤️

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