Animal Gas strain


  • Euphoria100%
  • Uplifted70%
  • Creativity70%
  • Happiness70%
  • Relaxation70%
  • Stress100%
  • Depression95%
  • Nausea65%
  • Fatigue45%
  • Headaches30%
  • Dry Mouth100%
  • Dry Eyes60%
  • Anxiety40%
  • Paranoia25%
  • Dizziness25%


Firstly, from Seed Junky Genetics, Animal Gas is an indica-leaning hybrid that crosses Chemdog 91 and Animal Cookies. Buds are large, dense, and sticky with specks of pink and purple throughout. Animal Gas’ terpene profile produces a gassy aroma with hints of vanilla and lemon on the backend. Flavors are gassy with a lingering cookie aftertaste. A perfect blend of old and new, Animal Gas reflects the classic Chemdog 91 flavor that veteran smokers know and love, while adding the newer Cookies flavor that has risen in popularity in recent years.

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1P, Hp, joint, OZ, Qp


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